My name is something cool, like Sam, and I do web design, maybe.

But I also do print design, interactive design, identity design; always your design. Every project is an opportunity to provide a new, thrilling experience for your eyes and—hopefully!—your brain. I create clean, beautiful products that pay extra attention to detail.

I have six years of practical experience and two years of real-world experience. My work finds order in chaos and has just the right amount of edge. I get a kick out of seeing my designs come to life.

What will be next?


Our generation is all about interaction.

Your web presence should reflect that.


The key to brand loyalty is being memorable.

How do you want to be remembered?


You can push the envelope.

Even when you're designing an envelope.
Bystander Awareness @ Boston College
St. Mary's Spartans
St. Columbkille Partnership School
St. Mary's, Lynn

I could be Liz Lemon's new best friend

Sam Lipscomb
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—or yours! My personal style focuses a lot on the arrangement of type, as a font that doesn't fit an image can break an entire vision. I have often created entire pieces without a single photo, relying solely on type and the shapes inherently found in letters to evoke images for the viewer. I am always pushing the envelope with my designs and pay particular attention to trends that I can make my own.

I am constantly striving to find a balance between too much and too little, a balance that is easily overlooked when achieved but glaringly obvious when missed. I am just as interested in the space that surrounds a graphic as I am in the elements that form the graphic itself.

Being equally left-brained and right-brained has been a valuable asset: I have the imagination to think of something truly beautiful and the drive to stick with it until it is perfect.

When I'm not designing, I volunteer at FIRST Robotics competitions, yell at hockey games, convince my friends to go bowling, and tweet—a lot.

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My design process is simple, but each step is necessary. I begin by doing what every designer should when starting a project: listening. I'll ask quite a few questions to get a ball rolling, but the end result should be that I have a distinct idea of your message, your audience, your needs, and—of course—your style. The final product must work for you, but it must also fit you!

Once I have that idea, it's time to start doodling, measuring, mocking...before finally sitting down to vector or code. I like to have a layout created before I think about CSS or an image to reference before I touch the pen tool. You'll see these designs at various stages, so we can fully mold the design to our original discussions. Revise often and the result is always positive.

And then! When a logo or website is in your hands, it's yours to do with what you will. I can help you devise a marketing campaign to share the new identity with your audience, or simply send you the final native files. We will create a contract to ensure it all happens in a timely manner; your website or print materials will hit the spotlight in no time.

What are you waiting for? Let's get started.





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